Horse Sponsors

Our greatest expense is our horses – our main assets! Without them, there would be no riding therapy for people with disabilities in our community.

We currently have 9 horses. The financial requirement for the purchase, upkeep, and welfare of each RDA horse is significant and ongoing.

Our riders benefit most from our riding programmes if the horses are suitable RDA horses. This means they must be fit, healthy and happy – all the time! To achieve this, the horses are cared for daily by our Horse Supervisor.

The purchase of a suitable RDA horse would usually be in the range of $6,000.00 – $10,000.00 plus gear required for it – e.g. saddle $800.00, bridle, etc. $90.00 and cover $400.00

It costs us at least $8000 each year to look after the health and welfare of one RDA horse.

Expenses related to Horse and Pony care include:

  • Contracted Horse Supervisor
  • Grazing
  • Feed, supplements, and hay
  • Veterinary/Dentist/Farrier
  • Covers, gear, etc.
  • Repairs and maintenance of horse gear
  • Maintenance of paddocks and equipment
  • Electric fences (running and maintenance)
  • The initial purchase of the horse

Horse sponsorship is an important and unique way that individuals and businesses can contribute to the annual cost of caring for and training our valuable horses.
If you or your company would like to become a sponsor please download the

Sponsorship/Donor Form

or email

Thank you to our Generous Sponsors for their support

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