Our Horses

Ideal NZRDA horses are hard to find – not all are suited to this specialised work. Much time and care go into their selection and welfare. Many hours of training is needed to ensure they can be correctly matched to their rider and respond to both leaders and riders aids. A regular fitness programme is maintained for each horse to ensure they are at a fitness level suitable for their work. All training and welfare is documented to keep an accurate record of each horse’s individual needs. At Tōtara Park we are fortunate to have Fiona Arlington, a highly experienced and respected horsewoman, to oversee and supervise every aspect of our horses daily care. She is supported by a dedicated volunteer team of horse people.

BOBBY 12.1 HH Mare
ZOE 14.2 HH Mare
JANE 12HH Mare
Belle 15HH Mare ( Trainee)
( Undergoing Training for RDA work)
JUBILEE 13.2 HH Mare
TOBI 15HH Mare
PUNI 15.1 HH Gelding

Sam 14HH Gelding (Trainee)

We are able to graze nine horses at Tōtara Park, who are exclusively used for RDA therapy. When required, we source new horses from several different environments, always looking for that special pony that can provide and maintain the temperament for this work.

We are mindful when a horse should be retired from their RDA duty and therefore seek a suitable home for their ongoing care and well being off our property. After providing this unique service to the disabled community, a kind, loving and forever home is needed. Our horses make wonderful paddock companions, soothing mates and role models for young horses as well as responding to some gentle riding.

If you feel you could, in the future, offer this deserving home to one of our horses, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email.

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